The members of the Woodland String Band have had a very busy 2017, and like most Mummers organizations, we are very busy preparing for the 2018 NYD parade which will be Woodland's 91st consecutive NYD parade.

One of the common hurdles faced by every non-profit organization is the ability to finance their goals to their greatest potential. Mummers organizations are no exception to that reality. The cost of "putting the band on the street" has risen year after year. The rising cost of costumes combined with the diminishing opportunities for income compounds the challenge all the more.

Donations are solicited to purchase the individual suits that will be worn in the 2018 parade. Donations can be by an individual, a family (where family members “pool” their contributions to purchase a suit...perhaps in memory of a loved one), or a group of friends who want to be part of our NYD success. (Individual contributions of amounts less than the cost of a suit will be combined with other donation amounts to purchase a suit).

Contributions online using a debit or credit card at the band's website:

Tax deductible? a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, donations to Woodland String Band are eligible deductions on your Federal Tax Return.

In addition to a tax write-off, your donation makes you an integral part of this years performance. As such, your name will appear on a parade ribbon pinned to a costume worn by one of our performers in the 2018 parade. Hang on’re going into the judging area with us!


Can you help us by being a part of Project BandAide? No amount is too small. We hope you will consider being a part of Woodland's 2018 New Years March by donating to Project BandAide. Our gratitude for your help is greatly and sincerely appreciated.

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