20193rd"Into the Woods"
20183rd"Jest Jokin'"
20174th"Carnival: Primeiro De Janeiro"
20164th"You Bet Jurassic's Good"
20153rd (Tie)"One Heart-One Spirit"
20144th"The Legend of the Lamp"
20133rd"A Knight You Won't Forget"
20121st"It's A Jungle Out There"
20116th"Gat'r Done"
20087th"Mummin' Round The Mountain"
20076th"Island Fever"
20068th"Robots Runnin' Wild"
20056th"How The West Was Mum"
20049th"Tartan'd and Feathered"
20026th"Festa Italiana"
20017th"Shakespeare on the Street"
200011th"Perfect Angels"
19997th"Firehouse Stomp"
199810th"The Toys Are Back In Town"
19979th"This Bug's For You"
19965th"It's All Greek to Me"
19957th(tie)"Gettin' Down In Jungletown"
19944th"Scared Silly"
19938th"Woodland Hits Rock Bottom"
19926th(tie)"Our Mimes Are Made Up"
19918th"Crime Plays"
19907th"L'Chaim" **
19899th"Fit As a Fiddle"
19886th"This Bud's For You"
19877th"Oh Say Have You Seen............ Those All-American Clowns"
198615th"Give it that Old College Try"
198518th"Monkey Business"
198412th"Those Razzle-Dazzle Vaudeville Days"
198316th"Come follow the Band"
198212th"An Old-Time Revival"
19816th"The Golden Era of Hollywood Musicals"
19807th"Grand Tour International"
19796th"Struttin', Oldies but Goodies"
19789th"Viva Italia"
197714th"Patchwork Jubilee"
19763rd"Down Mummery Lane"
197518th"Jukebox Saturday Night"
197415th"Rose Marie"
197311th"A Toast to the Twenties"
197213th"Alabamy Bound"
19712nd"Echoes of Vaudeville"
19707th"An Old Fashioned Wedding"
19694th"A Salute to George M. Cohen"
19686th"Golden Memories of Mummery"
19673rd"Encores of Broadway Favorites" **
196610th"The Grand Revue of Follies Bergere"
19655th"Florentine Festival"
196411th"Big Tiny Little and his Honky-Tonk Revue"
196310th"Aztec Warriors Day of Sacrifice"
196213th"A Tribute to Stephen Foster"
196117th"The World is Waiting for the Sunrise"
196014th"Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White"
195916th"Easter Parade"
195811th"Rose Marie"
19579th"Anniversary Waltz"
19568th"Blossom Time" **
195514th"Over the Rainbow"
19545th(tie)"Prince's of Music"
195313th"By the Sea"
19529th"Bluebirds of Happiness"
195110th"Stars are the Windows of Heaven"
19496th"Roses of Picardy"
194811th"The Moth and the Flame"
194712th"Cadets of 1947 on Parade"
19467th"Russian Cossacks on Parade"
19455th"How Many Hearts Have You Broken?"
19437th"Say it with Music"
194213th"Modern Crusaders of 1942"
1941NO PRIZE"Zulu Head Hunters"
19406th"The Dove of Peace"
19398th"Prince Kador"
193813th"The Windmills of Holland"
19372nd"The Spider and the Fly"
19368th"Musical Artist's of King Momus"
193510th"Princes of Music"
1934NO PRIZENo theme: Paraded in Eastwick Parade
19333rd"Aztec Indians"
19322nd"Cleopatra and her Peacocks"
19313rd"The Aztec's Ancient Ceremony"
19306th"The Breakaway"
19295th"Memories of France"
19286th"Fancy Clowns"
19277th"Oriental Clowns"