• President: Mike Presser
  • Vice President: Tom Loomis Jr.
  • Treasurer: Tom Loomis Sr.
  • Financial Secretary: Bob Grassie
  • Recording Secretary: Andrew DeGothseir
  • Sergeant-at-Arms: John Robison
  • Chief Marshal: Jim Ramey Sciuto
  • Director: Scott Greco
  • Director:  Bill Bernard
  • Director: Ryan Graser
  • Director: Marc Seibert
  • Music Director: Fran Kerr Jr.
  • Presentation Director: Matt Kerr
  • Director Emeritus: David Anderson
  • Theme Chair: Ray Coxe
  • Captain: George Balzer IV
  • Assistant Captain: Lyle Kaighn
We also thank Mike Spinelli and Mark Kozachyn for their service to the members of Woodland and the Board!