The Woodland String Band is an organization that takes tremendous pride in it's long, proud history. The band has been in existence for the past 88 consecutive years, many great men have passed through Woodland's doors during this time. While a lot of members have either passed, moved on to other organizations, or are just no longer involved in the tradition of Mummery, Woodland is making an effort to keep in touch with all of our past members. Many friendships have been forged over the years and there are still friendships that have yet to be made. For those of you that were able to attend our 75th Anniversary Weekend on September 23-24th, 2000, you've seen first hand how much fun a get together with old friends can be. To see guys that haven't seen each other in over 25+ years reminiscing, having fun and playing music together again made myself as well as many others very proud to be a member of the Woodland String Band.

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